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The company was founded by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus represented by the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
1973 Special Design Engineering Bureau was established with pilot production of the Nuclear Energy Institute of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR (SDB with PP NEI ASB, Order of the Council of Ministers of BSSR No. 353p, dated June 12, 1973).
1991 SDB with PP NEI ASB was reorganized into the Design Engineering Division with pilot production of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR (DB with PP ASB, Order of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR No. 76, dated August 26, 1991).
1996 during the republican re-registration DB with PP ASB was renamed into the State Enterprise OKB Academicheskoye (OKB Academicheskoye SE, order of AS of Belarus No. 141, dated December 18, 1996, On introduction of amendments to the name and the Articles of Association of DB with PP ASB).
2001 during re-registration OKB Academicheskoye SE was renamed to the Design and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise OKB Academicheskoye (OKB Academicheskoye RUE), state registration certificate of the business company, issued by the Minsk City Executive Committee under Decision No. 370, dated 30.03.2001, on registration of OKB Academicheskoye RUE in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs under No. 100103729).
2006 - OKB Academicheskoye RUE became a member of the State Scientific and Production Association Centre.
2013 on the basis of Order No. 162 of the Minsk City Territorial Fund of the State Property, dated December 20, 2013 On the establishment of the open joint-stock company in the process of transformation of OKB Academicheskoye RUE , OKB Academicheskoye Design Engineering Republican Unitary Enterprise was reorganized into OKB Academicheskoye Open Joint-Stock Company.
OKB Academicheskoye OJSC is one of the leading enterprises in chemical, oil and gas and nuclear machine engineering in the Republic of Belarus and it is empowered to develop and manufacture import-substituting equipment for these branches, according to license No. 02300/544-4 of the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RB and license No. 02300/2449-1 of Gospromnadzor of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RB.
OKB Academicheskoye OJSC has technological capacities for performance of various types of mechanical procession (turning, milling, grinding, multi-axis boring, welding, rolling, bending, etc.) and welding, including the articles made of carbon, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and titanium alloys OKB Academicheskoye OJSC employs highly qualified scientific and technical staff, designers, process engineers, workers (certified welders) and employees having the required experience at stages of development, manufacture of equipment and putting it into operation.
OKB Academicheskoye OJSC executes designing documentation, manufactures pilot specimens during short periods of time, carries out installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of the following products: Non-standard equipment, units and reactors on the basis of pressure vessels by technical orders of customers of chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical and food industry; Technological equipment for systems of water chemical treatment and deactivation for nuclear power plants (NPP) (for BelNPP); Vessel, separating and heating equipment for associated petroleum low and high pressure gas purification; Filters of water chemical preparation (ionite, cationite, of mixed action, deironing filters, traps, etc.) having capacity by 450 m3/h and working pressure 6 bars; Sampling and technical batch meters for spirit and other technical liquids having capacity from 750 l to 10000 l; Heat exchanging equipment (shell-and-tube heat exchangers based on flat and corrugated pipes) for heating and cooling of technical media and food products; Vessels and units on their basis for storage and procession of products in chemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical and food industry; Process equipment for modernization of critical stands Crystal and Hyacinth; Cryogenic vessels; Air collectors having volume from 1 m3 to 20 m3 and working pressure from 8 bars to 40 bars; Receivers for various gases having volume by 20 m3 and working pressure by 12 bars; Pumps: - cantilever chemical pumps () are intended for pumping of chemically active and neutral liquids having density at most 1850 kg/m3, viscosity by 30*10-6 m2/s, containing solid inclusions by 1 mm, with their volumetric concentration not exceeding 1.5%; - dispersers (, ) are intended for preparation of true emulsions and pastes of various substances in liquid and powdered forms, used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries; - food pumps () are intended for pumping of water and liquid products having low and middle viscosity. Units of mechanical seals (on the basis of modern wear-resistant materials) and cooling systems of mechanical seals for pumps, dispersers and other important articles; Process pipelines, welded steel structures; Torospherical bottoms for pressure vessels; Cylinders for ethylene oxide as per own TR BY 100103729.026-2012.
The company has its required production base with the unique equipment: - for incoming quality inspection of metals and materials in the laboratory of physical and mechanical tests (tension testing machine -05, tension testing machine -5, machine for testing of springs and shock absorbers -100-2, tension testing machine -5, impact pendulum-type testing machine MK-30A)) and chemical analysis (atomic emission spectrometer OBLF GS 1000)) (certificate of chief welders department accreditation No. BY/112 valid till 19.04.2020). The laboratory performs mechanical tests, chemical, spectral analyses of metals and materials, as well as metallographic studies. Laboratory employees have competence certificates as the specialists for destructive and non-destructive inspection; - for production of vessels and units on their basis, comprising: rolling-and-bending machine with the hydraulic travel; hydraulic press 200 tons, machine for bottoms shaping Boldrini Ribo 13x3000; - welding set Lincoln, welding set ESAB-800, etc; - for control of finished products by employees of the X-ray and gamma inspection laboratory, ultrasound, hydraulic tests (certificate of chief welders department accreditation No. BY/112 by 19.04.2020). Laboratories provide performance of hydraulic tests (pressure by 400 bars), radiographic, ultrasound and capillary defect inspection, metallographic studies of welds, as well as control of linear sizes; - for performance of hydraulic tests with the aim of inspection of strength and density of welds and main material of equipment operated under pressure, including certification tests for confirmation of equipment compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union 032/2013, 010/2011. The accredited testing laboratory included to the Unified Register of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories of the Customs Union. The system of design and manufacture quality management conforms to requirements of STB ISO 9001-20015 (certificate of conformity No. BY/ 05695 valid till 02.10.2020) OKB Academicheskoye OJSC presents a data sheet according to the form of Gospromnadzor of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations of RB. During recent years our company has worked out, manufactured and supplied various types of process equipment, including equipment for nuclear power plants and for petrochemical enterprises: - reactors for bitumen ; - unit for petroleum products mixing; - reservoirs for hydrocarbon condensate; - mobile unit for calibration of filling systems; - units for aircraft treatment; - reactor for alginate dissolution; - equipment for storage and provision of hydrocarbon propellant; - complex of equipment for preparation of radon indicator; - vacuum reactor casing of mixers with stirrers; - reactor V=6.3 m3 with a mixing unit; - reactor E-44; - reservoirs for oil; - reservoir for petrol storage; - barometric reservoir E-3; - discharging reservoir E-500; - emergency reservoir E-816; - reservoir for sulfuric acid storage; - reactor for production of pharmaceutical substances V = 5 l; - technological reservoirs V = 50 m3; - reservoirs for condensate E-1/1-3 V = 16 m3; - drainage reservoirs; - deaerators V= 50 m3; - tanks for alkalis receiving and storing; - permeation chamber with service tank for sealant; - reservoir for odorant storage E-8; - autoclave for castings permeation; - reservoirs for iron pentacarbonyl; - mixers of reactor type; - air receiver , V = 67.3 m3; - reservoirs EK3.000 with a stirrer, a jacket; - service tank for diesel oil cut D-117; - percolation tank with a jacket .000; - air collectors V-607 A/B, V-705 V=50 m3; - deairation unit V-004, T-001, E-002; - fuel tanks; - ionite filter; - etc. Development and manufacture of equipment for the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant. OKB Academicheskoye OJSC is leading enterprise of nuclear machine engineering in the Republic of Belarus. The company is the equipment supplier of the State Corporation of Russia ROSATOM, and at the present time it provides equipment of power blocks 1 and 2 of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant under construction. During 2014-2016 OKB Academicheskoye OJSC developed and manufactured import substituting equipment for chemical water preparation and deactivation systems for the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant of safety class 2-4 and quality provision category 2-4, included to competency of Gospromnadzor and the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations in the quantity of 86 units. This equipment conforms to all technical requirements of NPPs concerning seismic resistance, corrosion resistance, strength, vibration resistance. Technological capabilities of OKB Academicheskoye OJSC make it possible to output equipment having working pressure up to 350 bars and capacity up to 200 m3. The equipment manufactured for NPPs complies with requirements of the following documents: OIT-0013-2000 Nomenclature of equipment, goods and technologies for nuclear plants, radiation sources and storage points, subject to mandatory certification in the certification system for equipment, articles and technologies for nuclear plants, radiation sources and storage points; NP-071-06 Rules of assessment of conformity of equipment, components, materials and semi-finished products, delivered to project of nuclear energy usage; RD EO Provision on manufacturing quality inspection for equipment of nuclear power plants; PNAE G-7-008-89 Rules of construction and safe operation of equipment and pipelines of nuclear power units; PNAE G-7-009-89 Equipment and pipelines of nuclear power units. Welding and soldering. Main provisions; PNAE G-7-010-89 Equipment and pipelines of nuclear power units. Welding joints and soldering. Rules of inspection. Our permanent customers are as follows: Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant RUE, Belorusneft RUE PA, Mozyr Refinery OJSC, Naftan OJSC, including Polymir plant, Grodnoazot OJSC, Mogilevkhimvolokno OJSC, et al.

        reservoir for hydrocarbon condensate   equipment for storage and provision of hydrocarbon propellant    emergency reservoir E-816

        drainage reservoirs                                                  reservoirs for liquefied gases                                  technological reservoirs V=50 m3

        a set of equipment for preparation of radon indicator                                   reactor V=6.3 m3 with mixer

        tanks for alkalis receiving and storage                    reservoir for sulfuric acid storage                             barometric reservoir

        bulk filter                                                          filter casing                                                                ionite filter

        cantilever chemical pumps                                   dispersing pumps

        condensate collector                                   autoclave AK-1500

fuel tank

OKB Academicheskoye OJSC offers mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of development and joint manufacture of equipment, cooperation with supply of equipment manufactured by our companies to enterprises of the Eurasian Economic Union and to other countries. Contact information: OKB Academicheskoye OJSC, 99, Acad. A.K. Krasina str., bld. 82, room 209, Minsk, 220109, Republic of Belarus Tel.: +375-17-391-18-31 Tel/fax: +375-17-391-13-60 e-mail: okb@-acad@yandex.ru www.okb-acad.by
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